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NETRACKservers recognizes that the most important factor in the culmination of total customer satisfaction is via the highest level of on-demand customer service. This is the vision and the mission of NETRACKservers’ High-Tech with a High-Touch business model, which was the driving factor behind the design, engineering and functionality of NETRACKservers’ Support System and its face - the Support Portal.
When you as the customer submit a request in our Support Portal, this request is broadcasted to all dedicated and highly qualified support technicians on duty around the clock as per the nature of the issue. If need be the highly qualified technicians will then expedite the request to the appropriate dedicated team of support engineers in the correct department.
Facilitating the support dispatch in a functional tiered manner allows our technicians and engineers to get to the core of your issue and resolve it in a timely and efficient manner because they know exactly why they are being summoned.
NETRACKservers provided me with great servers for a great price! They have extremely polite support staff and they make it feel like a family more than a company. We would definately recommend this company to others

Mike McDonald, Minute Hosting Inc.