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Our Services and Support
Since its inception NETRACKservers is not just another hosting company. We provide value added turnkey solutions in managed hosting of your information technology infrastructure that is relevant and adorable to you. How do we do this? Our Services and Support are the core components of our value-added managed hosting services.
At NETRACKservers we work with you at your level of need; and for that we have an entire suite of services ranging from basic server administration support to specialized business continuity and custom solutions to fit your exact business need, technical expertise or experience and budget.

Are you a professional systems administrator? Do you only want a secured, high-availability and redundant network and facility to host your data and application? We can do that. Or, are you a business professional on a limited budget with a need for a comprehensive IT infrastructure? We can provide that too.

Tell us your needs and we will work with you to and the most relevant, ecient and cost-eective solution that can scale with your business.
At NETRACKservers we recognize that the most important factor in the culmination of total customer satisfaction is via the highest level of on-demand customer service. This is the vision and the mission of NETRACKservers’ High-Tech with a High-Touch business model, which was the driving factor behind the design, engineering and functionality of NETRACKservers’ Support System and its face - the Support Portal.

When you as the customer submit a request in our Support Portal, this request is broadcasted to all dedicated and highly qualified support technicians on duty around the clock as per the nature of the issue. If need be, the highly qualified technicians will then expedite the request to the appropriate dedicated team of support engineers in the correct department. Facilitating the support dispatch in a functionally tiered manner allows our technicians and engineers to get to the core of your issue and resolve it in a timely and efficient manner because they know exactly why they are being summoned.

Alternatively, you can call NETRACKservers’ live support line. A dispatch will always be available to direct your issue to a technician or engineer at the right level in the right department.
Service Level
With NETRACKservers Managed Hosting we become an extension of your team. Our solutions are designed specically for your business, which enables you to retain control of your Information Technology infrastructure. Our methodically designed delivery model applies best-practice principles to managed hosting with solutions engineered by experts who focus on reliability and provide the highest levels of quality, performance and value. You are able to delegate the essential maintenance of your backend systems to our highly qualified technical professionals, so your IT infrastructure gains peak performance and on-demand scalability without the costs typically associated with buying, staffing and maintaining these systems yourself.
Operation Security
Our team of highly qualied engineers works tirelessly to proactively manage your hosted environment. NETRACKservers Managed Hosting is condent in its ability to consistently deliver service highest quality to its customers. We back this promise through our advanced Managed Hosting Service Level Agreement.
  • 99.99% network and power uptime
  • 2-hour hardware replacement
  • 20-minute critical incident response
  • Credits provided for up to the total of your monthly bill
Key Services
Data Center and Network
  • Wholly-owned and operated data center
  • N+1 redundant power architecture
  • N+1 redundant HVAC systems
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
  • Regular OS patching
  • Regular full system virus scanning
  • Managed hardware firewall
  • OS hardening as defined by Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Microsoft
  • Managed intrusion detection and prevention services (optional)
Monitoring and Escalations
  • Collaboratively defined escalation procedures
  • Custom systems monitoring (optional)
  • Active monitoring coupled with proactive management
Business Continuity
  • High availability solutions
  • Disk-to-disk backup for high performance backup and restore functions
  • Application specific backup agents for MS SQL, MySQL and Exchange
  • Offsite backup and long-term archival backup (optional)
  • Managed storage with high-performance SAN or NAS
  • Disk-attached-storage with RAID capabilities
Managed Security Services
NETRACKservers gives serious consideration to our client’s security needs with an enhanced portfolio of security services, fully-managed security devices and best practices to ensure the highest levels of security for our client’s data, equipment and network environment.

With the sole purpose of providing maximum security procedures & processes for the protection of client data and privacy of information, our Managed Security Services address four critical security areas: physical security, operational security, system security, and optional data security services. Each area is specifically designed to ensure all aspects of client data & information are securely maintained 100%.

The NETRACKservers Managed Security Services are backed by our Total Service Commitment to ultimately ensure our client’s data is safe and secure 100% of the time. It’s all part of our “Total Service Commitment”.
Physical Security
  • Physical access to data center facilities is limited to authorized personnel only
  • 24x7 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entry
  • Palm scanner for controlled data center entrance access
  • Key fob swipe required for controlled data center entrance access
  • Multiple video security surveillance systems are monitoring all interior & exterior data center premises activity
  • Unmarked data center facility in light industrial area to maintain a low profile
  • Our corporate offices are protected by onsite Security personnel, limited access by controlled card key entry systems and video security surveillance monitoring the interior premises.
Operation Security
  • Procedures for handling and securing confidential client information
  • Access to confidential information restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • All employees trained on privacy procedures
  • Procedures for client media handling and destruction of client data
  • Available help in configuring system logging for audit trail
  • Available help with developing various security measures based on specific client needs
System Security
  • Operating System installation with latest security patches & service pack updates to help protect against exploits
  • Hardening the OS & web server application by securing all but the most commonly used open ports to help protect against exploits
  • Reassigning open ports (where possible) to help protect against exploits
  • Proactive patch management update service to help protect against exploits
  • ESET NOD32 Virus Scanner for all Windows servers
Optional Data Security Services
  • Dedicated hardware firewall appliances to help block unauthorized access. Multiple options to meet specific client needs and all are fully-managed at no extra charge.
  • VPN services to create secure connections with client server(s) for encrypted data transmissions
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) solutions to meet any client‘s need for secure, encrypted data transmissions by your customers, vendors, associates, site visitors, etc.
  • Data redundancy & protection with multiple managed backup solutions