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Network Structure
All the best of breed and built applications, infrastructures and technologies are incapacitated without a stable and secured network. NETRACKservers’ robust and high-performance network infrastructure is designed and built to be highly-available and redundant to prevent virtual and physical failures. This is accomplished using multiple backbone carriers, multiple disparate access points and active monitoring coupled with proactive management.
Fire Prevention and Security
Advanced fire detection and prevention systems detect the slightest sign of potential fire that can be investigated and extinguished locally before an actual fire even starts. In the highly rare event of an actual fire, FM-200 based fire extinguisher with dry sprinkler system will engage to extinguish any flames in the local area without affecting the entire data center. Also, each equipment cabinets are fire and water proofed to prevent damages to neighboring server cabinets or network equipments.
Multi-tired and heavily monitored security protocols using keycard entry systems coupled with biometric scanning security; 24/7/365 internal and external off-site closed-circuit and third-party premises surveillance.
Dynamically-Managed Environment
Redundant HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system ensures continuous uninterrupted air circulation and filtration with raised floor to easily facilitate the air circulation. Cables are secured to ceiling mounted racks with dedicated paths to prevent interference from electrical wiring and sprinkler systems.
Always-on Power
Multi-tiered, redundant power supply at the building perimeter, equipment rooms and server cabinets ensures uninterrupted power supply. In the unlikely event of a utility power failure, hospital-grade generators will automatically engage with no downtime to our client’s servers.
NETRACKservers provided me with great servers for a great price! They have extremely polite support staff and they make it feel like a family more than a company. We would definately recommend this company to others

Mike McDonald, Minute Hosting Inc.